Thursday, March 09, 2000

Cadence - A Brand New Great Niece

Here is Cadence, her mom Laura, her grandma Mary Vann, her great uncle (me), and her great aunt Evelyn.

On A Dream Following Last Night's Basketball Game

My brother and I often exchange instant messages during basketball games, he lives in Charlotte NC and I live in Raleigh NC. We both attended, at one time or another, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Last night was pretty late and I went right to bed after the game but we had this IM exchange this morning:

Zach: After we talked last night I went to bed and I had a dream that I tripped over this huge tall person and was crashing to the floor and out of my left hand as I fell I threw this ball up into the air and I saw it arc high and descend and fall through this round hoop that had sort of an open ended basket of ropes tied to it. I looked down and the person I tripped over was wearing dark blue and I noticed I was wearing sky blue cloths.

John: Interesting, I wonder what it means. I think the light blue represents the sky and God and all that is good in the world. And the dark blue represent the sea, as in caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. So the dark blue would represent all that is evil in the world. I think the ball represents your gift of hope, life, and humor to the world. But the dark blue devil is always waiting to trip us up. But even though the devil tripped you up, you were still able to successfully give your gift of hope, life, and humor (perhaps better expressed a light and liberty or lux libertas) to the world. And that you were successful in achieving your goal (giving lux libertas to the world) is represented by the ball passing through the hoop. But that's just a first impression of interpretation of your dream.

Zach: I think that is right on!