Friday, September 14, 2012


This really is very cool.  Below is a screen shot of my solution to the non simply connected maze where your algorithm allows for no 'memory'.

You need a memory because just 'follow-the-left/right-hand-wall' will result in you getting 'stuck-in-the-loops'.

The Blockly demo does allow for a 'random-turn' and that was what saved the day.  On the downside; there is a non zero probability that it will take an arbitrary amount of time to solve a maze with loops using the algorithm I give.

And here is the link to the site ""


Monday, September 10, 2012

The 2012 MS150 Bike Tour

The 2012 Eastern North Carolina Multiple Sclerosis Society 
MS150 Cycling Tour
Rider Number 321 Returns

This year represented my fifteenth consecutive year participating in this event.

Here are the statistics for the Saturday and Sunday ride.

SAT 08 SEP 2012
SUN 09 SEP 2012

Saturday was a good ride.  We rode across the Neuse river and headed up toward Aurora NC then circled back and crossed the Neuse river upstream from New Bern and joined NC Route 55 and headed back into town.  Our route took us over to Glenburnie Drive and across US70 and US17 and back into town, 'the-back-way' around Tryon's Place to Union Point Park and the convention center the start/end of the ride.  Between US70 and NC17 we had a very brief but intense rain shower which was very welcome given it was so near the end of a long hot day.

Sunday dawned overcase and threatening. The folks in charge of the ride had a direct line to the National Weather Service and they assured us that we may not get any rain at all but only gray skies that day.  The forecast was right on target. And I only saw a short period of sunshine the entire ride.  Sunday's ride took us again over the Neuse River Bridge and straight out NC-55 almost all the way to Oriental NC.  We actually crossed NC 306 (the road between the Minnesott Beach and Aurora ferrys). We turned left off NC55 before reaching Oriental and rode north and stopped at the Harbor Club at River Dunes for lunch.  Then it was on through downtown Oriental NC.  From Oriental we biked over to Arapahoe.  From there it was back roads until we reached NC55 again just six miles from New Bern.  We crossed back over the NC55/US17 Neuse River Bridge then the Trent River Bridge which put us right back at our starting point in Union Point Park New Bern NC.

Here is a photo album of the ride:

The 2012 Eastern NC MS Society MS150 Cycling Tour

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Bike Rides (Labor Day Weekend)

SUNDAY - I did 50K!  Left Fisher Street and rode to 24th Street then headed over the AB Bridge and turned right.  I was spinning all the way to Indian Beach where I turned around and rode right back to Fort Macon.  Then back to the AB Bridge and straight to Fisher Street and home.  A very simple ride and the wind was almost nonexistent so I was able to spin right along.

SATURDAY - I did the ride I wanted: Down Bay Street to 20th. Out 20th to Blair Farms. Around Blair Farms to Country Club. On Country Club to the High School, and greenway. Back up the Greenway to the hospital. Cross Arendell onto the UNC Marine Sciences area then over to the Crystal Coast Tourist center boat launch and onto Evans Street. Evens Street to the Atlantic Beach Bridge. Cross the bridge, turn right and onto the NC Aquarium.
The NC Aquarium makes a nice turn around location because they have water fountains will cold good water to fill up water bottles.
Back out to NC58 toward Atlantic Beach. If I had continued on to Fort Macon and turned around I would have done 50K. But at the causeway I turned left and went back over the bridge. Onto Evans Street and down all the way to the Port Authority and then cross back over to Fisher Street and back home.

SAT 01 SEP 2012 46.77 02:14:40 20.8 50.5
SUN 02 SEP 2012 52.44 02:22:17 22.1 51.8