Monday, June 30, 2014

A Very Nice 50K Ride

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a bike ride.  I decided to ride down the Neuse River from Anderson Point Park to Clayton NC and back.  The ride is almost exactly 25Km in both directions.  

Here are the details:

02:16:07 - hh:mm:ss - Elapsed Time
   51.13 - km ------- Total Distance
   11.50 - kph ------ Average Sped
   47.80 - kph ------ Max Speed (there was a long down hill)

At one point heading down river you go down this hill, and the trail is winding through the woods.  As you emerge from the woods there is a this beautiful bridge across the Neuse.  The structure of the bridge is iron truss and as you zoom onto the bridge you note the truss making up the bridge perfect squares and on the other side of the bridge is this beautiful vista of open fields, and blue skies.  It was breath taking!  I though, "I need to turn around go back up that hill and come down again!"

When I got to the very end of the greenway in Clayton I had 1/2 of my PBJ and finished my first water bottle and headed back up river.

I finished the other half of my BPJ and my second water bottle in the shade at Anderson Point Park before riding the 1/4 mile back to the main parking lot across the US64/US64 overpass.

It was a beautiful ride.

Here are some picture from the ride:

The Bike, The Bell, The Odometer, The Helment

Just In Case You Did Not See The End Of The Path And The Bushes

A Beautiful Day For A Bike Ride

Back At Anderson Point Park And The Second Half Of My PBJ