Friday, October 21, 2016

Bike Crash (The Big Whoops An Update)

The Big Whoops - An Update

RELEASED:    By my surgeon.
I am still working on my general physical conditioning and range of motion.  However my surgeon said last Wednesday (9 NOV 2016) that my hip bone has completely healed.  He agreed that I should still work on conditioning and range of motion and said that in six months, barring any glitches, what ever was left of the injury was 'The New Normal'.  Last night I attended a spin class and a stretch yoga class immediately after the spin class.  This morning I feel fine.
:   From outpatient PT (Physical Therapy)  

I am still VERY much in PT ... Now instead of going in once or twice a week and doing stuff at on my own ---  

I am now 100% doing all my exercises on my own.  

I do them at the same gym/wellness-center I've been attending for the past 10 years.  

Here is my schedule 5-7 days a week:

(Four Machines)
1 - 15 minutes - recumbent fixed bicycle
2 -  2 sets of 15 - Push Plate Machine (both legs) (repeat rt leg)
3 -  2 sets of 15 - Leg Curl Machine (both legs) (repeat right leg)
4 -  2 sets of 15 - Leg Ext Machine (both legs) (repeat right leg)

2 sets of 15 - Side-Step UP/DOWN (right leg) (repeat left leg)
2 sets of 15 - Front-Step UP/DOWN (left leg) (repeat left leg)

2 sets of 15 - Side Kick Using Black-Band (right leg) (rep rt leg)
2 sets of 15 - Front Kick Using Black-Band (right leg) (rep rt leg)
2 sets of 15 - Back Kick Using Black-Band (right leg) (rep rt leg)

2 sets of 15 - 'clam-shell-leg-left' Using Red-Band
2 sets of 15 - 'bridge-lift' Using Red Band

(Walk / Climb Stairs)  
I now walk while holding my cane and only use it necessary and when stairs are there I climb them, at home and the gym.

I have two cold packs I keep in the freezer and use on my hip when I get home if need be.

As time goes by I increase time/resistance/reps/sets when the current sets get too easy.  Also as any particular exercise seems too much I ease up on that exercise for that day.  And if some day I feel really knackered I will skip that day.  The plan is to do each of these exercises not to the point of pain but instead with enough exertion that I feel I am exerting myself but in a sustainable manner.  

A couple of weeks ago my surgeon said it may be 9-12 months before I feel totally 100%.  Since I was used to going to the gym five days a week before I broke my hip I do now just think of these exercises as replacing what I used to do with the added metric of finding my hip working better and better.

As time goes by I will add swimming and spin class and then even cycling again.