Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Life, the Universe, and Everything

The ultimate answer to the question of "Life the Universe and Everything" is, of course, 42. However another way of looking at this is that in all sufficiently complex self organizing systems two natural behaviors arise. One of these behaviors is called "Tit-For-Tat" and the other is called "Always-Default". These behaviors are built into what ever it is that causes complex systems to self organize.

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A Logical Argument For The Existance of God

Another property of all sufficiently complex self organized systems is that they can be self referential or recursive. I think that things that are ALIVE and things that are CONSCIOUS are not only instances of such systems but can be thought of as being defined to be alive or conscious if they meet these tests (sufficiently complex, self organizing, and self referential/recursive).

Kurk Godel's Incompleteness Theorem states that in any sufficiently complex logical system you have two choices: Either the system contains contridictions or their exist undecidable statements.

Conscious systems fit this requirement.

Another way to say this is to observe that consciousness is probably not unique but is "just" an emergent behavior of a complex system. The complex system in the case of living beings is the brain. That such systems are recursive and self referential are attributes of the overall emergent property.

You always and automatically get Godel's Incompletness result in such cases. This idea that all sufficiently complex systems will have this property, and the fact that the system (conscious system) is aware of this property is the definition of the concept of God.