Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Sixty Kilometer Bike Ride

Sixty Kilometer Bike Ride

Last Saturday 30 August 2014 one week before the MS150 Bicycle Tour I rode a 60K out-and-back on the Neuse River Trail.  Here are the specifics.

02:55 .... hh:mm - Time rolling along the ground.
60.14 .... km ---- Distance.
20.80 .... kph --- Average speed.
47.70 .... kph --- Max speed (the downhill on Perry Creek).

I was a nice ride and after being away from all sorts of exercise for over a week (ending the previous Thursday) I felt it.  It would have been nice if I could have done some exercise during that time but that was not to be the case.

So after returning from vacation a week ago today.  I did get in a 50 minute 'spin-class' on Thursday and an 1800 yard swim on Friday.  Then another 50 'spin-class' on Tuesday following the 60K on Saturday and a 50 min 'spin-class' this morning.

I hope to get in a ride early tomorrow morning after my 'spin-class' but we will see.  

In any case I do feel I am fit enough for this weekend's MS105 Cycling Tour and I do look forward to it.

I'll post details of the ride and pictures as I get the opportunity.