Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bike Rides

This is the season.  The weather is warming up and doing a bike ride is a good idea.  I got in around 30 miles this weekend. 12 yesterday and 18 today.

SAT 13 APR 2013
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I rode about 20km, the actual distance is unknown since my bike computer went crazy when I got back and said I had ridden 225km. I took the greenway to Crabtree Valley where I got on House Creek Trail and rode up to Wade Avenue.  Then over to Ridge Road Shopping Center and All Star Bikes.  I did a test ride of a Specialized Aluminum bike and a Giant Carbon Fiber bike,  the carbon fiber bike was a bit small for me but they are going to get one my size from their Quail Holler store and I'll give it a test ride tomorrow.

SUN 14 APR 2013
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29.55 km .... total distance
12.20 kph ... average speed
01:42 hh:mm . total time

I took the streets down to Crabtree Creek then the greenway to where Crabtree Blvd crosses the old Edwards Mill Road.  This is the road that goes up the hill and joins with Blue Ridge.  So up Blue Ridge Road to the NCMA.  Once on the museum grounds I rode over to the I440 bike overpass and then under Wade and around Meredith College to the corner of Hillsboro and Gorman.  The a turn around and back to the I440 bike overpass but not across it again but down the hill on the new House Creek Trail.  Once back at Crabtree Valley I took the Crabtree Creek Trail up the creek to the end and again turned around.  From there it was back down the creek to Yadkin Drive and then up Yadkin Drive to Davidson Street and home. 

Here is a link to a panaroma picture, and two regular ones I took from the middle of the I440 bicycle overpass looking toward the north.