Thursday, June 22, 2017

Neuse River Trail

22 June 2017 - Neuse River Trail Bike Ride

Today was a good day for a ride, not raining and not too warm in the morning.  And the Neuse River Trail had been cleaned up by removing the fallen trees and brushing off where the mud covered the trail.  Recent heavy rains did scattered gravel over the trail in two or three places, but for the most part it was clear.

I rode down to Glenburnie Dam ate my P.B.J. and returned to Falls of The Neuse Dam.

47.92 ... km (total distance, 30 miles)
21.10 ... kph (average speed)
02:16 ... hh:mm (time rolling)
115 ..... bpm (average heart rate)
127 ..... bpm (maximum heart rate)
53 ...... rpm (average cadence)

Milage At Turn Around Point

Elapsed Time

Glenburnie Dam
Falls of Neuse Lake is really releasing water
The waterfall is about one half its normal height. 

Zoom Out

Me, in my 2016 MS150 jersey and MS150 hat.

Above are some pictures from the bridge over the river just down from Glenburnie Dam.

Cadence History
You can see the turnaround point (lower graph) and later when
I stopped at a picnic table to finish my PBJ.
The upper graph is some metric the app puts together.

Heart Rate
Not sure what the Lap1 Lap2 stuff is all about.
Perhaps when I stopped at the dam it automatically
did a lap increment.
Above are the two screen shots from the app that monitors my cadence and heart rate.