Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012

Today is a good day to remember that we all have Only-One-Blue-Marble our Space-Ship-Earth and are an integral part of its Biosphere, where out decisions on how we get along with the Ecology of the Planet will determine whether we persist or self-extinguish as a species.

15 May 2013

It is official, on 15 May 2013 my plans are to stop work for any organized company on a full time basis.  I expect to start work on some of my own projects that have flown into my head over the years but have not had the attention or time devoted to them; because I work 8-10 hours a day for an organized company.

Starting 15 May 2013 I do intend to keep busy, here are some of my plans:
  • Last year I joined and now have renewed my Apple iOS and normal Apple Developer programs, sadly, because of my day to day work load have not had the amount of time I want to devote to these platforms.  I have a couple of iOS apps that I would like to launch.  If I can become as familiar with the OSX development platform as I am currently with the Windows development platform then I will be all completely happy with the outcome, I do not think this is impossible.
  • I also have some (well one for sure) Web based applications (Google Cloud) that I've not had the amount of time I need to complete. The first application is currently working as a combination html/pc-application that requires a fairly major GQ 'geek-quotient' to turn on for yourself, and is currently open source.  The example that I update every christmas is "".  Here is the open source project: ""
  • And this year I have discovered a truly beautiful and wonderful concept (it was featured in a recent 60 minutes episode) "" that I am sure will revolutionize the teaching of mathematics (and other subjects as well).  I hope to actually instantiate my ideas that I came up with when working with "" a couple of years ago (well 4 years ago actually), my idea is located at "". If I get it working then it can replace/augment the current method that you may use to work on the solution of a math problem. A java drawing app that has with no 'translation' capacity that could easily be parsed by an application.
  • Also this year there has been a development in on-line instruction that is championed by Stanford University, and others, that I am taking advantage of.  The development is that the course is offered for credit to registered Stanford students, and for free (and no credit) to the general public and consist of You-Tube like videos that you watch which even have embedded questions.  I am currently taking (for free!) three courses "Cryptography", "Game Theory", and "Automata".  Needless to say I do not have up to 30 hours a week to watch the videos so I download them to view at my liesure (15MAY2013? - oh well...).
  • I'll revisit this post and keep it updated on my progress, and other ideas as I remember them and as they come into my head.