Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Part of the Greenway (Bike Ride)

From the beautiful I440 overpass near Wade Avenue there will be a bit of greenway that extends down the inside of the beltway to Glen Eden Drive.  The greenway actually will have underpasses under Lake Boone Trail and Glen Eden Drive.  Once it goes under Glen Eden you can bike up to Glen Eden and cross over the beltway and pick up the new part again near Glen Eden Park then again parallel to the beltway but outside the beltway to the Crabtree Valley Mall area.  We rode the new part from where the it crosses Blue Ridge Road to Glen Eden.  We would have continued on Glen Eden and gone under Glen Eden and Lake Boon Trail but other bikers told us it did not connect up to the overpass yet.  When it does we will bike all the way to the Art Museum and beyond.  We got on the beltway at Yadkin Drive and Crabtree Creek and once we returned to the main greenway after riding the new part we continued up Crabtree Creek to the end then back down the creek to Yadkin and home again.  We rode a total of 18km today.