Sunday, November 30, 2014

A New Greenway Ride (40K)

A New 40K Greenway Ride

A extension at the south end of the Crabtree Creek Trail at Milburnie Road near WakeMed to Anderson Point Park has been completed.  This new section is only 6KM long but it opens up the Neuse River Trail to be accessible from mainline greenways in Raleigh.

I left home today and rode down Yadkin Drive to Crabtree Creek then through the neighborhood to Lassiter Mill Road and picked up the Crabtree Creek Greenway at Lassiter Mill.

I rode all the way to where the greenway intersects with Milburnie Road.  This was where it used to end.  But now it continues down Crabtree Creek goes under New Bern Avenue, and then under the I440 Beltway then under US64/US264 and ends at Anderson Point Park where it intersects with The Neuse River Trail.

The new greenway section is very well made and the scenery is beautiful.  You can hear the I440 and US64/US264 traffic as you ride along.

The really cool thing is that from my home I could ride to Clayton NC and back on just neighborhood streets and greenways.  If I did that I could get in a 90K bike ride and never have to put my bike on the car.

From my home to Anderson Point Park is 40KM.  Here are the details:

Time ........ 02:05 hours:minutes
Distance .... 38.84 kilometers
Average ..... 19.00 kilometers per hour
Maximum ..... 55.90 kilometers per hour

Here are some pictures from the ride:

Start of the new Section

Going Under US64/US264

At Anderson Point Park

Turn Around At 20KM

Anderson Point Park