Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Path Integral Across A Temporal Logic Space

So here is my question for today (sort of tongue in cheek): Can we combine this post about path integrals with this post about temporal logic. These two posts hit me with particular force because I just recently finished reading this novel that has as a major plot device the Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Forth Bike Ride

Rails To Trails has a bike path in the Triangle area named The American Tobacco Trail.  This morning we rode the entire Wake County section.  It was about 6.5 miles long and ended at the Chatham County line where it is still being constructed.  Here is a video of our return ride back toward the trail head near New Hill NC.

Third Bike Ride Of The Season

After doing some work around the yard Evelyn and I decided to ride along the stretch of the Green Way that is closest to our home.   To get to this stretch is very easy we go to the corner of our block turn right ride about 3 blocks to the rim of the valley of Crabtree Creek and down into the valley, across the creek and then either left or right to a hundred yards or so to a Green Way entrance.  If we travel to the far end then back to the near end then back to our starting place the entire trip is about 10 miles.  However, once back on the streets it is up out of the valley of Crabtree Creek and that climb at the end of a 10 mile ride can be daunting.  To get a feeling of just how steep it is if you just coast down into the valley you will be going over 30mph at the fastest.  The only other ways to get to the Green Way that travels along either CrabTree Creek or LeadMine Creek involve hills tool.  So, we loaded up the bikes on top of the car and drove to a parking lot that lots of cyclist who I suppose live further away from the Green Way than we do frequent.  Once there we got in a nice 10 mile totally flat ride.  Here is link to a web page that gives the track along the creek.  Sadly I've not been able to get the page to work in any browser other than IE.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beach Quiz

[1] Salter Path is a quiet Carteret County community dating to around 1900. On what barrier island is Salter Path located?
    A. Core Banks
    B. Bogue Banks
    C. Hatteras Island

[2] Kure Beach is a laid-back location for fishing and beachcombing. During World War II, the town was the site of a large factory that made ethyl additive for what type of fuel?
    A. Kerosene
    B. Diesel fuel
    C. High-octane gasoline

[3] Topsail Beach's rich history includes tales of pirate treasure and a federal government jet engine testing site. It's located on Topsail Island, which is how many miles long?
    A. 10 miles
    B. 26 miles
    C. 35 miles

[4] Pine Knoll Shores was visited by explorer Giovanni Da Verrazzano back in the early 16th century. Today, what facility makes it a popular tourist destination?
    A. North Carolina Acquarium
    B. Write Brothers memorial
    C. North Carolina Maritime Museum

[5] The southernmost of the South Brunswick Islands, Sunset Beach was incorporated in 1963. Each year a colony of what endangered large, wading bird species migrates there from Florida?
    A. Oystercatcher
    B. Wood stork
    C. Sanderling

[6] Located in Brunswick County and incorporated in 1975, the town of Caswell Beach, named for the 19th-century Fort Caswell, owns what nearby lighthouse?
    A. Ocracoke Lighthouse
    B. Cape Lookout Lighthouse
Oak Island Lighthouse

[7] Bald head Island's 14-mile streach of beachfrong is accessible only by ferry or boat and located near Corncake Inlet at the mouth of what river?
    A. New Brunswick River
    B. Cape Fear River
    C. Waccamaw River

[8] Currituck County's Corolla is the northernmost village on the Outer Banks.  Its wide beach offers recreation for tourists but also includes a preserve for what animals that came from Spain?
    [A] Mustangs
    [B] Sheep
    [C] Goats

You can get the answers by purchasing May Issue of "Our State" magazine or when you come to the beach this summer I'll bring my issue and you can look up your answers.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Windows Live Translation Service

According to the bits I've been reading a translation service can be had by inserting a simple bit of HTML code into a web page. Such code can be characterized by calling it a 'widget'. What the user can do is click on the control presented by the 'widget' and the operation that the widget exposes is executed. Just below this sentence is the embedded html code that is supposed to expose the 'widget'. Give it a try.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Trip To CA

What a grand trip.  I left this morning from RDU at 6:15am after waking up at 4:30am.  CA time that would have been 1:30am --- It makes for a long day but I'm not even tired given this is a welcome vacation.   Here is a link to some pictures I snapped with my cell phone on the way out.

ADD: Here Is a Link To A Lot More