Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thoughts on the SCOTUS Marriage Equality Decision

Here are some thoughts on the Marriage Equality Decision made by the Supreme Court. 

I think, eventually, this will be seen as strengthening of the First Amendment of our constitution.

I think, eventually marriage will be viewed as having two, independent parts:

Part-A - The Religious Part - If a couple wishs to enjoy the religious benefits of being married then they visit someone who is empowered to bless their union in that manner.  

Examples can include a member of the clergy of their religion.  Additionally (and this is the case even today) you can download a form from the Internet for most any state in the union and get yourself certified in that state to preform a religious union.

Part-B - The Civil Part - If a couple wishs to enjoy the civil benefits of being married then they visit the courthouse of the county they will be married in and apply for and receive a marriage license.

One of the side effects of this splitting into two independent parts may well be the obsoleting of something called a "Common Law Marriage".

Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 Three Peninsula Bike Ride - And Kayak Trip - And Sunrises

01:57:34 hh:mm:ss .......... Time
   42.80 kilometers ........ Distance
   21.80 kilometers/hour ... Average Speed

A really nice ride.  I left Fisher Street and headed west on Bay Street all the way to the cemetery then around the path that borders it and Calico Bay and over the 20th street bridge.

Then north on 20th street to the Blair Farms Parkway.  Out the parkway to Country Club Road and then back west to the High School where I picked up the Greenway that runs along side Bridges Street.

Traveled east along the greenway to the hospital then south and around the 34 st boat launching area and onto Evans Street to the Atlantic Beach Bridge.  

Crossed the bridge and turned east on NC58 to Fort Macon.  A short rest at Fort Macon to look at the Beaufort Ship Channel and refill my water bottles then back to Atlantic Beach and back across the bridge.  This time turning right onto Evans Street and then to Shepard and heading down to the docks.  I had to weave in and out of the fishing tournament road blocks but did wind up at the 4th street light and then north to Fisher Street and back to the house.  

A great ride.

See the comments for links to pictures.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sample Math Jax Post

$$y^a = x^{a+b} $$$$y^a = x^a x^b $$$$\dfrac{y^a}{x^a} = x^b $$$$\left({\dfrac{y}{x}}\right)^a = x^b $$$$\left(\left({\dfrac{y}{x}}\right)^a\right)^\frac{1}{a} = \left({x^b}\right)^\frac{1}{a} $$$$\left(\dfrac{y}{x}\right)^{\frac{a}{a}} = x^{\frac{b}{a}} $$$$\dfrac{y}{x} = x^{\frac{b}{a}} $$

Sunday, June 02, 2013

More About Consciousness

Here is a link to the article that I found interesting:


Here is what I put as a comment at the end of the article:

The general idea that this relies on is quite sound. The underlying idea is the definition of consciousness. 

Consciousness for any motile organism is the organism's ability to take its sensory inputs and use them to create a model of the future. 

The only purpose of the model thus created is to allow the organism to successfully negotiate its environment.

This success, in turn, is the definition of what it means to say natural selection will select in favor of the organism.

Like every property of living organisms such a thing seems to be on a continuum of sophistication, all the way from cockroaches to birds, and mammals that are what we humans think of as conscious.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Anna and her Wookie

Anna and her Wookie by johnncox
Anna and her Wookie, a photo by johnncox on Flickr.

One of my favorite pictures.