Monday, April 25, 2016

First Bike Ride Since Last Fall

First Bike Ride Since Last Fall

Sunday 24 April 2016 was a beautiful day.  

A week ago Friday I got my knees filled up with cortisone and only did swimming this past week.  My knees felt better and better as the week went on.

So this morning Evelyn said, "Didn't you say you wanted to ride your bike today?".  That was it away I went.

This ride was not a super long one.  I just biked down Old Lead Mine Rd and cut through the neighborhood to Sawmill Road then down the hill and up the hill to Longstreet.  Then along Longstreet to the end of the 'Mine-Creek-Greenway'.   Then down the greenway to where Lead Mine Creek joins Crabtree Creek.  Then along the greenway up Crabtree Creek to its end, the 'trun-around-point'.

Here are the details.

00:45 --- hh:mm - To Turn Around Point
13.50 --- km ---- To Turn Around Point
01:35 --- hh:mm - Total Time
27.30 --- km ---- Total Distance
17.20 --- kph --- Average Speed
57.10 --- kph --- Max Speed

I also have a nice heart rate monitor and I wore it.  Because my iPod Touch was out of gas I could not capture everything but was able to upload the ride once I got back.  

Below is a screen capture of the ride as monitored by 'Ticker-X'.  That max hr is bogus and represents the monitor 'settling-down' when I first put it on.  If my iPod touch had been operational I could have captured just the ride.

I did 'thump-it' twice once just before leaving the house and once when I pulled back into the driveway.  

You can see that low point at the beginning of the ride:  That was me coasting down Sawmill Road at nearly 60kph. The the spike represents me climbing up the hill to Longstreet. 

That dip in the middle is me sitting on a bench at the far end of the greenway up Crabtree Creek drinking water and eating a candy-cane.

And you can tell that the way back was 'up-hill' as compared to the the way back.

That first big spike on the way back is me pedaling uphill at Shelly Lake.  The second big spike is when I peddled up the last bit of the greenway to Longstreet then on up Longstreet to Sawmill. The final little spikes are me climbing up Sawmill and heading back up Lead Mine Road and Old Lead Mine Road.

Here is a link to a: google maps version of the bike ride if you click on it a map should come up showing the ride.  The ride is what is called an 'out-and-back' ride so the KM marks look a little strange until you realize that they increase to around 13KM then continue to increase to 26KM by following the route back to the beginning.  Here is .KLM file that  you can use Google Earth to view: