Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bike Rides


Two rides, two days. Yesterday's ride (Saturday) was a greenway only ride where I went east on the greenway toward WakeMed. I found that just after the steep downhill about 3/4 of a mile from the end the trail was closed due to upgrade in the sewer system. The Raleigh greenways follow the sewer system extensively and I found today that even more of the system was being worked on.


Today's ride started on the greenway too. This time I headed west and when I got to the confluence of Crabtree Creek and Leadmine Creek I turned up Leadmine Creek toward Shelly Lake and followed the greenway all the way to Longstreet. Once at the end of the greenway I kept on up Longstreet to Sawmill Road and then onto Morning Dove and over to Falls of the Neuse. I took Falls of the Neuse to Honeycutt Road which goes all the way to Six Forks. Just a short way on Six Forks and you get to Norwood Road which ends at Six Forks. I took Norwood Road to its end at Leesville Road. Next a mile or sow down Leesville Road where Westgate Road ends. I took Westgate to Ebenezer Church Road. Ebenezer Church goes all the way to Duraleigh. Just a mile or so on Duraleigh at the Blue Ridge Road, Duraleigh Road intersection I turn east on Blue Ridge and travel down to the bottom of the hill and get back on the greenway behind Crabtree Valley Mall. The greenway takes me back the way I came, I 'close-the-loop' at the confluence of Leadmine and Crabtree Creeks.

Here are the details:

SAT 25 AUG 2012 26.69 01:31:23 17.5 45.5
SUN 26 AUG 2012 50.54 02:47:19 18.1 51.5