Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Now All I Have To Do Is Go Out And Wave At It :o)

Here are the next few days. Tomorrow morning looks especially good since the magnitude is near the maximum for the ISS.

From Random Graphic Images

[ADDED 14 APR 2011 - Morning] And I did wave! That was "Something Wonderful!" I arrived at Shelly Lake just seconds before the overpass was to occur. As I was walking up the path to the top of the dam when I looked up and thought, "It should be right there, all I see is a high fast jet." Wait, wait, that's no jet, that's the IIS. It had, essentially the same magnitude as Venus does which is also visible just above the horizon in the east. The apparent motion was that of a aircraft but it was quite clear that this was no aircraft passing over.

Also - Here is a link to my previous post that explains how you can find when the IIS will b passing over you so you too can go out and wave ""

[ADDED 15 APR 2011] Another pass this morning starting at 0511 (am).  I just stepped out on the back deck of the house and looked up and right on schedule there was the IIS.  I set the digital cameral for 15" exposure and clicked, just holding it in my hand ... The result is just below (pretty cool - but I need a tripod to do this again) Those dark bits in the picture are branches of trees.  The ISS proceeded across the gap between the trees and on toward the east. (Very Cool!)