Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weather Event - Saturday 16 April - A Note From Raleigh

The weather event that swept through North Carolina last Saturday did leave some major destruction in it's path.  Additionally Raleigh, where we live was struck by a tornado.  It passed well to the east of our neighborhood (2-3 miles).

Evelyn, and Robert are working each day with the Red Cross, yesterday they even drove a ERV (Emergency Response Vechicle) to hand out snacks and supper to folks in neighborhoods that were struck and to workers in those neighorhoods who were putting things back together.

Today they again are working with the local Redcross.  Robert is helping out with logistics (computers and such) and Evelyn is helping out with management of the actual event itself.

I'm continuing to go to work as usual and admiring them for doing what they are doing.


NOTE:  I think one of the most dramatic graphic images associated with the event is this cumulative radar track image of the major 'super-cells' that were part of this event.  The graphic does not represent a single time but the accumulated radar images over the life of the event.

From Random Graphic Images

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