Sunday, April 26, 2009

Third Bike Ride Of The Season

After doing some work around the yard Evelyn and I decided to ride along the stretch of the Green Way that is closest to our home.   To get to this stretch is very easy we go to the corner of our block turn right ride about 3 blocks to the rim of the valley of Crabtree Creek and down into the valley, across the creek and then either left or right to a hundred yards or so to a Green Way entrance.  If we travel to the far end then back to the near end then back to our starting place the entire trip is about 10 miles.  However, once back on the streets it is up out of the valley of Crabtree Creek and that climb at the end of a 10 mile ride can be daunting.  To get a feeling of just how steep it is if you just coast down into the valley you will be going over 30mph at the fastest.  The only other ways to get to the Green Way that travels along either CrabTree Creek or LeadMine Creek involve hills tool.  So, we loaded up the bikes on top of the car and drove to a parking lot that lots of cyclist who I suppose live further away from the Green Way than we do frequent.  Once there we got in a nice 10 mile totally flat ride.  Here is link to a web page that gives the track along the creek.  Sadly I've not been able to get the page to work in any browser other than IE.

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