Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Topos Theory and Predicative Mathematics

Oh My ... 

Here is the link "
Topos Theory In A Nutshell".  Now I think this is the beginning of the explanation I've been looking for ... for a long time.

It all started back in 70's when I was in undergraduate school at UNCW and was taking a Symbolic Logic course from Dr. Susan Dankel.  She was Dr. Thad Dankel's wife and both of these folks were just grand.  Dr. Dankel (Susan) introduced me to Goodel's Proof.  During my graduate days at UNC-Chapel Hill I learned a lot about the Axiom of Choice.  After those days and till today I've followed along reading stuff about and by Tarski, and Sumllyan and thinking about an article in the New Yorker about a tribe of Indians in South America that do not have the concept of number in their way of thinking.

Here is the trail that led me to the link above:

[3] Topos

And here I am.

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