Monday, July 20, 2009

2009 Beach Rides

A Week At The Beach
DATE ........ Dist .. Time . Averge . TotT . TotDst
THU 23 JULY . 49 km . 2:30 . 20 kph . 8:07 . 162.05
WED 22 JULY . 26 km . 1:16 . 20 kph . 5:37 . 113.19
TUE 21 JULY . 32 km . 1:36 . 20 kph . 4:20 .. 87.06
MON 20 JULY . 30 km . 1:34 . 20 kph . 2:44 .. 55.00
SUN 19 JULY . 25 km . 1:05 . 20 kph . 1:05 .. 25.00

Thursday Sister Laviece, cousin Sarah (cousin Genie's daughter) and I rode to the Fort Fisher Ferry, borded the ferry to South Port. At South Port we headed out of town and over to Oak Island. Once on Oak Island we biked down to the Oak Island Light, our turn around pont. A super ride. Sarah is quite a cyclists.

Wednesday Sister Laviece, cousin Leighton and I rode down to the Ft Fisher Ferry dock then turned around and road back to Kure Beach via the NC Aquarium. Laviece stopped at the cottage (she needed to do some paper grading) and Leighton and I continued to the end of the island via Dow Road then back to the cottage via US421.

Tuesday Sister Laviece, cousin (Rob) and I rode to Dow Road then on down the island to Snow's Cut Bridge, over the bridge and then onto River Road. This road parallels US421 all the way to Wilmington NC. W turned around at 15km and retraced our route back. It was a beautiful day for a ride and everyone had a grand time of it.

Monday Sister Laviece and I went to Fort Fisher first then then back to Kure Beach and down Dow road to Carolina Beach State Park then under the bridge to the boat launching location then back down Dow Road to Kure Beach.

Sunday Sister Laviece, nephew Zach and I rode right down US421 to downtown Carolina Beach then turned left toward Carolina Beach State Park. Then down Dow Road back to Kure Beach then on US421 south to the Fort Fisher and the Ferry Docks. Back out to the end of the island (END US421 the other end of wich I rode by bicycle past - lake Michigan - 5 years ago this month). Finally back to the cottage.

Here is a photo montage of the rides:

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