Wednesday, October 07, 2009

07 October 2009 Google Home Page

So ... I launch my Web Browser each morning to check my email and the pages I monitor and to get to my email program I go through the page which has a link to an online application called GMAIL. Google is know for changing their home page with stylized versions of their logo. It is always interesting to see when they do this. Today's home page looks like the following:

I can imagine that the value of the bar code that has replaced the normal Google logo actually spells the word "Google" I think about whether or not a laser scanner could read the image of a bar-code from a computer screen. Then I wonder if there is some sort of application that could take a .GIF or .JPG or .PNG file that was the image of a bar-code and decode it giving the content. I know I can right click on the graphic on the Google home page and save that graphic to a file and when I do I get the graphic below:

To see if an online application exist that can read the graphic file and decode the bar code it represents I did the 'Google-Search' against the search string "Online Barcode Reader" as illustrated below:

Sure enough the search finds a web site called and this web site
allows you to upload image files and see what they decode to. When I upload the image file of the Google logo here is the result:

Sure enough the image file represents the text string 'Google'.

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