Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beautiful Day For A Bike Ride

Evelyn was working in the quilt shop today and the day was so pretty I took off by myself. The ride was about the same as the one we did together on Easter Weekend. Except this time I rode counterclockwise and did the Blair Farm Road/Crab Point part. Here are the stats:

Distance ....... 26.03 km
Average Speed .. 20.10 kph
Elapsed Time ... 01:17 hh:mm

I started down Bay Street and took the sidewalk around the ball field and continued on Bay Street till it ended at the graveyard. I took the raised walkway around the graveyard and along Calico Creek to the 20th Street pedestrian bridge. Then on out 20th Street to Blair Farm Road. Then on to Crab Point and then back to Country Club Road. Country Club Road to the High School then back toward town on the greenway to the Hospital. At the hospital I took 35th street over to the Welcome Center and boat launch location and got on Evans Street. Headed down Evans crossing the AB Bridge streets and continuing on Evans to 21st Street and then zig over to Shepard all the way to where it rejoins Evans then down to 4th Street. Take 4th street across the peninsular to Fisher Street and back home.

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