Saturday, May 15, 2010

15 May 2010 - A Ride On The ATT Bike Path

We got an early start and headed out for the White Oak Church Road entrance to the ATT Bike Path. This entrance is about six miles from the southern end of the trail.

The nice part of this entrance is that it is pretty close to the Chatham County part of the trail, and this part is paved! Wow we were really impressed with that part of the trail.

We continued on into the Durham county section (sadly not as well done as the unpaved part in Wake County) for a little while then headed back to the place where we got on the trail.

Here are the details:

Distance ....... 22.49 km
Average Speed .. 16.70 kph
Time ........... 01:23 hh:mm

And here is a picture when we crossed into the Durham County section, and a picture of the smooth section.

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