Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Avoiding the Why-Because Loop

Every one who has communicated with a child and everyone who recalls from the 'Why/Because Loop' knows that as we age we tend to avoid this kind of thing.

We not only teach ourselves how to avoid such loops but I think we also have built in 'resolution-circuits' in our minds that keep us from getting stuck in an infinite-regress/recurse loop.

And here is today's Abstruse Goose Comic that covers the same idea and my comment on that comic (the graphic is the first panel of the comic, click to see the whole thing.)
This is quite correct, "Counterintuitive" is the key word. A brain had this natural 'built-in-stuff' that will override any 'intellectually' created model that violates it's 'resolution-circuits'. Those 'resolution-circuits' are what keeps the brain from 'freezing-up' or going into a 'infinite-regress/recurse'. They demand and will even produce content that allows the brain to avoid getting stuck in the 'why/because-loop'.

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