Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Week At The Beach - Day 0 and Day 1

I took off early from work yesterday and went home and loaded up the car. Bikes on top and all my gear in the back seat. Evelyn left for the beach earlier in the week. Robert and I drove down starting about 12PM. We stopped for lunch at the Chili's Restaurant in Goldsboro and arrived about 4:30. Once the bikes were in the little house out back and all my stuff in the house it was almost supper time. Ted came over and ate with us and Robert returned to Raleigh after supper. We had a grad visit with Ted and Robert did send us a text message as he arrived back in Raleigh.

This morning I decided to walk down to the 7th Street Gazebo and Pier (Conch Point) and do my Tai-Chi exercises. Here is a slide show of the pictures I took. The morning is quite breezy and humid but beautiful.

Also here is a short video clip of an egret

Here is short video clip of the roll cloud that preceded the thunderstorm. It was taken from the walkway out from the cottage at Emerald Island.

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