Saturday, August 14, 2010

14 AUG 2010 - Three Peninsular Bike Ride

The "Three Peninsular Ride" is a nice 45 kilometer ride that takes me about 2 hours. I only average about 20kph now a days.

Here are the stats:

Time ...... 02:07 hh:mm
Distance .. 43.09 km
Average ... 20.30 kph

Today was bright and sunny, warm and windy. The temperature stayed in the mid to high 80s through out the ride and the wind was a pretty constant 10-20kts from the east. This made riding back down Country Club Road from crab point to the high school nice. The only place you feel the head wind is after you turn east on NC58 in Atlantic Beach and head toward Fort Macon. I wore my RUSA jersey in celebration of their 10 anniversary.

When you get to Fort Macon there is a nice shelter that overlooks the Beaufort Inlet. And the new Fort Macon Visitor's center has a cold water fountain inside that you can use to fill your water bottles. The old entrance to Fort Macon is no longer there the new entrance goes to the Visitor Center which was very impressive. I just ducked in to fill my water bottles but I do look forward to going back soon and looking more closely. Below are some pictures I took of Beaufort Inlet.

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