Saturday, December 04, 2010

How Far Apart Are We

So... I am on business the first two weeks of December in São Paulo Brazil... And Evelyn is visiting her niece in Jupiter FL...

So how far apart are we ...

[1] We are both in warm places the first week of December, and bothsee lots of Christmas decorations when we go 'down-town'

[2] Or Evelyn is located at 26.93° N and 80.1° W ... while I am locatedat 23.5° S and 46.5° W.

[3] Or I am 1834 nm more toward the equator and eastward than sheis.

[4] Or I am 2 hours and 20 minutes of solar time east of her.

[5] Or I am (via great circle) 3,913 nautical miles from her (or4,503 miles away)

[6] Or I am (not as the crow flies but as the mole tunnels) located... (well I'm still working on this one but will post the answer as an edit to this post) ...

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