Sunday, March 13, 2011

Second Bike Ride Of The Season

To celebrate UNC completion of their participation in the ACC Men's Basketball Tournament - Sadly they could not beat Duke twice in one season, while Duke was up to the task of beating UNC twice in one season.  So now it is on to the NCAA BB Tournament.

My ride was a repeat of the one a couple of weeks ago (A Complete Greenway Ride).

Here are the stats

02:09:46 ..... hh:mm:ss .. elapsed time
   38.75 ..... km ........ distance
   17.90 ..... kph ....... average speed
   55.80 ..... kph ....... maximum speed 

That max speed was set coming down the hill from the Carolina Country Club Gold Course toward Lassister Mill Road.  It is only 34 miles per hour so that was not to over the top.  There were lots of folks out walking, and riding on the greenway.  I however have this cool little bell that I can ring when I come up on a group of folks and that works very well.

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