Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Bike Ride (And A Broken Cable)

My 'Good-Old-North-Raleigh-Loop-Ride'

I left this morning a bit before eight o'clock and everything went grand.  There was one small 'glitch' at the 35.5km point.  My rear derailleur cable broke at the shifter.  And I was at the intersection of Durant Road and Honeycutt Road.  

I was at the bottom of one of the longest and steepest climbs of the loop.  And when the rear cable breaks the gears go to their 'resting-position' which is the absolutely highest gear.  So I got off the bike, pulled the cable loose and pulled it while manipulating the rear derailleur to a middle gear and wrapped it around the nut that holds the seat post in. 

That gave me a three speed bike and as I got closer to Falls of the Neuse Road the cable slipped and the gear shifted back to high gear.  So I stopped at the filling station at the intersection and did a better job of securing the cable to a fixed 'middle-gear' and rod my three speed bike back home.

I though I would be clever and just replace the cable but I can NOT figure out how to actuate the shifter, I worry that something is loose inside and I'll be taking it to the bike shop today.

Here are the stats. for the ride

distance ... 45.25 km
average .... 19.50 kph
max ........ 60.30 kph (Down Hill on Ebenezer Ch Road)
time ....... 02:18 hh:mm

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  1. Here is a "GMaps PedoMeter" route map of my 'Good Old North Raleigh Loop Ride' - This version leaves and returns on the green-ways and according to GMaps PedoMeter is 50K: