Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bike Ride (And A Jammed Shifter)

At least it wasn't stuck in the highest gear, see this post for that story.  I am wondering if I may need a new shifter since I took it to my local bike shop for a complete tune-up over-haul and this was the result on my first outing after that.

This morning I took off on my North Raleigh Loop Ride and was feeling strong.  I was about 10 miles out getting ready to cross US70 on Ebenezer Church Road and noticed I could not get my rear gears to change to a higher gear.  I was able to shift to a lower gear but not higher.

This situation got worse so when I got to Westgate Road I decided to cut over to Leesville and ride down to Millbrook then back home.  

Once again my bike was reduced to a three speed.  Except this time I was in the lowest gear on the rear cluster.  I was thankful for that when climbing those hills from Leesville and Millbrook up to Creedmore and then on Millbrook at Leadmine Creek up to North Hills Drive.

Here are the 'stats' for the ride:

01:32 hh:mm - Total Time
29.50 km ---- Total Distance
19.20 kph --- Average Speed
58.90 kph --- Maximum Speed (I think I hit this twice once crossing Crabtree Creek on Ebenezer and once crossing Leadmine Creek on Millbrook.

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