Sunday, May 20, 2012

Second Ride of the Year

A really nice ride.  I left the house and rode down Yadkin drive to Crabtree Creek then along Allegheny to the Greenway.  Once on the Greenway I rode up to Shelly Lake then on north up Lead Mine Creek to Longstreet.  Longstreet comes out at Sawmill Road which turns into Morning Dove Drive when it crosses Six Forks Road.  Morning Dove winds around within a block or so of Falls of the Neuse Road.  I then rode down Falls of the Neuse to Sandy Forks which cuts across to Six Forks Road.  Then down Six Forks, Cranbrook, Manchester, Rampart then back on Yadkin.  Once on Yadkin I rode back to Allegheny and instead of turning right I turned left and rode up by the Golf Course and onto Lassister Mill Road.  The Greenway starts up again just after you cross Crabtree Creek and continues on down to cross Anderson, then on down the creek crossing Old Wake Forest, Atlantic, Capitol Blvd.  The Greenway continues almost to Wake Medical Center, dead-ending on Milburnie.  That is the turn around and then it is back to Yadkin and up the hill to Davidson Street.

Here are the stats:

43 Kilometers
17 Kilometers per hour
2.5 Hours

Here is a picture as you cross the 'Swamp-At-Raleigh-Road-And-Crabtree-Creek'

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Here is a map of the ride:

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Here is a link to the 'Map-My-Ride' map:

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