Saturday, July 28, 2012

Raspberry Pi

I recently received an email saying that I could go ahead and order the Raspberry Pi I signed up for months ago. 

The device arrived yesterday and it is everything it is hyped-up to be. 

I had an HDMI cable and a wireless mouse and keyboard and a 1000mA USB power supply that I used to charge my iPod Touch.  
I did not have a 'Micro-USB to USB' connector so I went to Radio Shack and purchased one. 

The next step was to back up to DVD ROM an 8gb SD card I was not using very much and then reformat it to FAT32.

Downloading the Weezy Distribution was straight forward and running the diskutil and dd function in a terminal window on my MacBook Pro was very easy. 

I hooked up the HDMI, the wireless mouse and kbd and plugged in the SD card. 

After applying power... I got NOTHING on the TV screen (the only device in the house that has an HDMI input port).

So I unplugged the composite video cable from the DVD player and used that. 

As soon as I plugged it in there was a configuration screen! I set the timezone and expanded the boot partition to take up the entire SD card and the system rebooted all the way to the graphic desktop! 

W00T! Here are some pictures:

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The Raspberry Pi Computer ($35.00)

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There is the configuration screen.

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There is the graphic desktop.

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  1. I got the HDMI => DVI connector to work so now the 'monitor' is a normal dell monitor. But now I need 'speakers'. I wonder if my iPod ear-buds will work.