Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 Three Peninsula Bike Ride - And Kayak Trip - And Sunrises

01:57:34 hh:mm:ss .......... Time
   42.80 kilometers ........ Distance
   21.80 kilometers/hour ... Average Speed

A really nice ride.  I left Fisher Street and headed west on Bay Street all the way to the cemetery then around the path that borders it and Calico Bay and over the 20th street bridge.

Then north on 20th street to the Blair Farms Parkway.  Out the parkway to Country Club Road and then back west to the High School where I picked up the Greenway that runs along side Bridges Street.

Traveled east along the greenway to the hospital then south and around the 34 st boat launching area and onto Evans Street to the Atlantic Beach Bridge.  

Crossed the bridge and turned east on NC58 to Fort Macon.  A short rest at Fort Macon to look at the Beaufort Ship Channel and refill my water bottles then back to Atlantic Beach and back across the bridge.  This time turning right onto Evans Street and then to Shepard and heading down to the docks.  I had to weave in and out of the fishing tournament road blocks but did wind up at the 4th street light and then north to Fisher Street and back to the house.  

A great ride.

See the comments for links to pictures.

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