Saturday, October 19, 2013

Inside the mind of the Republican party


A very interesting read.  And Sean Carroll does point out that he got the link from a conservative website,  and at that site the conservative who posted the link was in complete agreement with findings of the original article.

And, of course, the bullet points do match up with my ideas on mentation when you account for irrational belief systems.  Also --- irrational belief systems --- by the way, are not just the purview of conservatives but also progressives.

Here is the link Sean's post (one of my favorite bloggers) who then supplies the link to the actual article.

If you want to cut to the chase here is the link to the actual memo:


Many of the observations in the memo make sense when you consider these are mostly folks who were never trained to think critically (and scientifically) and are now living in a modern world that is changing.  The way mentation works in this case automatically dictates that they will react by clinging desperately to their 'belief-systems' at all cost, eschewing reason and logic. 


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