Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Beautiful 60 km Ride

A beautiful Saturday Morning just right for a nice bike ride.  E. had a class from 10 to 3 and I had a bike ride from 12pm to 2:44pm.  Here are the details.

02:44:08 ... hh:mm:ss .. spin time
   60.19 ... km ........ there and back again
   22.00 ... kph ....... average speed
   50.50 ... kph ....... max speed (On Perry Creek Road is a slight downhill section.)

I put my new bell on the handle bar of the bike, stowed my new inner tube in my back pack, put on my new gloves, packed a banana, a pimento cheese sandwich and filled up two water bottles.  I was ready to hit the 'Neuse River Trail'.  I started at Falls of the Neuse parking lot and headed down just past Poole Road where there is a park bench beside the trail.  that was 30 km.  I ate my banana and my pimento cheese sandwich and headed back up the Neuse River.  

We've had a lot of rain this year and there was evidence of this all along the trail, especially where Crabtree Creek joins the Neuse River; that was near my turn-around point.

On my way back up river I stopped in the middle of the bike bridge that crosses the neuse a few 10s of meters down river from the Milburnie Dam and took some pictures and a video.  You can see the pictures below and see a link to the video I posted to YouTube.

You Tube Video

Turn Around Point
The Turn Around Point 30 km

Milburnie Dam

67 Year Old Biker

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