Friday, August 14, 2015

A Nice 36K Greenway Ride

I'm back in the US now and am tuning up after missing 3 weeks of swims and bikes.  So today I decided to do an easy greenway ride.

I left Allan's Landing and headed down Old Lead Mine Road to Prospector which will cut-the-corner over to Sawmill.  Down and up Sawmill to Longstreet.  Down Longstreet to the start of the greenway.  Down the greenway crossing under Lynn Road and North Hills Drive and around Shelly Lake.  Then on down Lead Mine Creek to where it joins Crabtree Creek.  Then up Crabtree Creek to near Crabtree Valley Mall where I took the greenway over to where it crosses Blue Ridge Road.  I actually actuated the solar powered 'pedestrian-crossing' blinkers and after a few cars went past one actually did stop and let me cross.  It was then on up House Creek Trail all the way to the pedestrian bridge that crosses I440 near Wade Avenue.  That was the official turnaround point.  On the way back I decided to throw in an extra 6K and ride all the way up Crabtree Creek to the end of the trail and back.  Then it was just retracing my route to the house.  I placed the route on MapMyRide.COM and took the screen shot below.

Here are some stats:

36.43 KM .... Total Distance
16.10 KPH ... Average Speed
57.00 KPH ... Maximum Speed (sawmill road)
02:15 HH:MM . Elapsed Time (on the bike)
107 ......... Average HR
135 ......... Maximum HR
1773 ........ Calories Burned
02:42 HH:MM . Elapsed Time (wearing HR monitor)

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