Friday, November 13, 2015

The Past, The Future, And Imagination

The Past, The Future and


The way I currently understand General Relativity these days I have two thoughts about time. I have a third thought about our experience of time and that thought is all about how Natural Selection molded our understanding of time.

[THOUGHT-1] The past is immutable.
[THOUGHT-2] The future is dynamic, and if not dynamic then 'unknowable' or (shielded) from scrutiny.

[THOUGHT-3] The "Back To The Future" movies are some of my all time favorites. They represent the realization of the most basic and powerful attribute of mentation and that attribute is "imagination"! 

We (as are all sufficiently complex motile organisms) were designed by Natural Selection to form models of our sensory inputs and to run, in real-time, those models in order to predict the short term evolution of those same inputs. To the extent that the model is successful the organism can successfully negotiate its environment.

This 'modeling-of-sensory-inputs' is nothing more and nothing less than what we call imagination. 

Oh yes, and when you consider the above three 'THOUGHTs', they too are examples of our imagination. In this case about the process of mentation itself.

And finally one last thought:

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