Saturday, May 28, 2016

Great One And A Half Hour Bike Ride

Great One And A Half Hour Bike Ride

My sister and I did a very nice 1 1/2 hour bike ride from The Falls of The Neuse Dam down to the 'First-Compass-Rose' and back last Thursday.

01:36 - hh:mm
27.24 - kilometers
16.90 - kilometers per hour
39.30 - kilometers per hour max speed

It was a beautiful morning.  My sister drove up from her home in Holly Springs to do the ride with me.  So now I think the next ride we should do together would be for me to head down to Holly Springs, and together we ride on the ATT (American Tobacco Trail).  I really would like to explore that trail starting near the Chatham County line and going into Durham County perhaps as far (and further ) than the new I40 bicycle bridge.  Then perhaps onto the NC147 bicycle bridge.

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