Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Another Nice Bike Ride

Another Nice Bike Ride

Time ........ 3:43 h:mm
Distance .... 68 Km
Avg Speed ... 18 kph
Max Speed ... 60 kph
Avg HR ...... 111 bpm
Max HR ...... ~130 bpm

This is the same route I took last week except I was not surprised by the two detours and just took them.

I forgot to bring a snack but when I checked my backpack I found half of a PBJ from last week ... I looked at through the plastic bag and thought; "Wow it still looks good!"  I turned it over and saw this wonderful rainbow of mould!  I thought, "Dang!  If color indicates different species then there are at least three different kinds of mould there!"

I skipped eating it and pushed on.  By the time I got back the temperature had climbed to over 90F (I left the house at 8:15 am and got back just a little after noon.  Next time I am going to leave at 6:30AM!

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