Monday, March 30, 2009

3 milli parsecs at warp 7

I was watching Star Trek tonight and a distress signal was received from 3 milli parsecs away, they set out for the ship at warp 7 and I think they said they would be there in a few minutes.  

I wondered what the actual time to travel 3 milli parsecs was if you could travel at 7 times the speed of light.  Here are the calculations I came up with.

3 mill parsecs is .003 parsec and since 1 parsec is 3 * 10^16 meters that comes out to be 9.26 * 10^13 meters.

So since the speed of light is 3 * 10^8 meters/sec then the number of hours to travel that far at warp seven is (9.26*10^13)/(7*3*10^8)/3600 = 12 hours 14 minutes 41 seconds.

So either they did the math wrong, or I heard the time required incorrectly.

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