Sunday, March 29, 2009

Second Bike Ride Of 2009

Today started out cloudy with a light misty rain, however, when I checked the WRAL radar it looked like the weather forecast would validate and the day would turn out just beautiful. And it has.

Today was the annual Spring Rally of the North Carolina Bicycle Club and I decided to double my mileage (well actually triple my mileage but double my maximum ride length) so I signed up for the 20 mile loop. Here is a picture my bike in the parking lot of the starting point.

Here is an image of the group of cyclist that came out for this ride. I know if the entire weekend was beautiful then the group would have been much larger, I think the size was around 100 riders.
Here are the stats:
32.35 ..... km (20.1 miles)
01:46:35 .. hh:mm:ss
50 ........ kph vmax (31 mph)
18.2 ...... kph average (11.3 mph

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