Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Saturday Morning Greenway Ride

29 AUG 2009 - 11am

This day we took off from Davidson Street and rode up to North Hills Mall to the REI store to pick up another rear view mirror for Evelyn's bike. We got one that was the same kind she had before and installed it right there at the store. We then rode beside REI down behind the mall and back up to Lassiter Mill Road. Once on Lassiter Mill Road we glided down the hill to Crabtree Creek and got on the Green way heading East toward Wake Med. This day we rode all the way to Milburnie along the green way. We turned around and rode back along the green way all the way to North Hills Drive then up to Northbrook then on to Yadkin and back home to Davidson Street. The green way was beautiful the only hills we rode up were just off Lassiter Mill where it turns into St Marys up Scotland St and on to Orange then, of course up North Hills and Northbrook are a bit steep. Here are the stats:

01:51 hh:mm . Total Time
27.37 km .... Total Distance
14.60 kph ... Average Speed
49.40 kph ... Maximum Speed (coasting down Lassiter Mill)


  1. Here is a google maps pedimoter list of the route, you have to add about 8 km to the rout since I did not go over the bits we did twice:

  2. I am pea green with envy. It seems all I do is mess with getting stuff done around and house, and boom, the day is gone. Way to go guys! Laviece.