Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Things You Find On The Internet

[1] Here is the link to today's "Astronomy Picture of The Day" the part that is most astonishing this that this picture spans 41 degrees of the Sky! [2] Something a bit closer to home: A quote from "The Bad Astronomy Blog" post: " ... In my line of work (y’know, truth promotion) I hear from people who think science is all guesswork. "Yeah, but how do you know?" they ask. The answer is: math. And physics. And chemistry and optics and engineering and Kepler and Newton and Einstein. We know because we test our assumptions, and if they don’t hold up they’re gone. We keep the good stuff, the stuff that’s proven itself. And eventually we get models that are so good they can predict when and where two objects hundreds of millions of kilometers away pass in front of each other. Yeah. That’s how we know. ..." [3] And finally here is something much closer to home but just as grand: ""

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