Monday, September 06, 2010

06 SEP 2010 Labor Day Bike Ride

Evelyn was on duty so could not ride this morning so I tried my 'North Raleigh Loop Ride'.

It turned out to be a beautiful day for a bike ride.

Here are the 'stats':

Time On The Bike hh:mm .. 02:22
Distance Traveled km .... 45.30
Average Speed kph ....... 19.20

The ride is a bit longer when you go clockwise and you take Morning Dove Dr to Sawmill then to Longstreet then to the greenway. However, this morning because the traffic was not so bad I decided to stick to Falls of the Neuse to Sandy Forks then to Six Forks then back home. Here is a graphic of the ride with the non greenway bit in yellow (click for a larger view). Also the graphic just below the picture will take you to a turn-by-turn listing of the ride at the website http://www.MapMyRide.COM

View Interactive Map on

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