Saturday, September 04, 2010

If they hate us why haven't they killed us yet?

You be the judge ... (hint: The answer is obvious - and quite easy - and has nothing to do with 'force-of-arms').

Here is the post that asks the question:

After reading some of the comments on the post I anticipate answers that may come to mind, and give the answer to the largely rhetorical question posed above.

[A] They don't hate us and they certainly are not trying to kill us.

[B] The reason [A] is true is that almost all of them live in such a state of poverty that they have much, much, much more to worry about than hating America.


[C] Just like in the 'Good Old US of A' some among us, in hopes of switching attention from their own shortcomings, like to throw up FUD-Lies-Bull-Stuff about the other side.

and ...

[D] "Love thy neighbor as thyself."

... This messages is true whether or not you embrace the word 'love' ... Because the converse is also true ...

[E] "If you hate your neighbor you hate yourself."

... In other words, you have no choices about this ... it is built into your very being.