Sunday, February 27, 2011

27 Feb 2011 - Sunday - First Bike Ride Of The Season

It is a beautiful day here in Central North Carolina. The temperature is in the 60s and 70s and there is lots of sun and not much wind.

A perfect day for a early spring bicycle ride.

I left the house around 10AM. I had my brand new 'Camel-Back-Mule' back-pack that I got for Christmas on, and it served very well. It is roomy but does not feel like you are wearing a 'back-pack'. I did not put any water in the bladder but instead took a couple of water bottles and they were plenty for this ride.

All my exercising year round these days did help with the ride. I felt really strong for almost the entire ride.

My ride today took me down to the end of the street then up to Yadkin Drive then down across Crabtree Creek where I turned right and rode a couple of hundred yards to the greenway entrance. Then it was off up the greenway following Crabtree Creek upstream to the end.

The greenway now has new markers that, I think, are indicating the total distance from one end to the other. At the end of the upstream end of the greenway it said 15 miles. That should mean if you ride the entire thing up and down and back to where you got on you should go about 30 miles. My odometer only read 24 miles however. So I think once they get it all connected without having to exit and ride on streets as you do now it may be longer.

Once at the upstream end of the greenway I turned around and rode all the way to the other end which is near Wake Med Hospital. This ride is really beautiful. There is a hill just before the end near Wake Med and getting back up to our street from Crabtree Creek is also a hill. Given that this was the first bike ride of the season I felt really good about how I was able to climb those hills.

Here are the details:

Total Distance ... 38.06 km
Average Speed .... 17.60 kph
Maximum Speed .... 41.80 kph
Total Time ....... 2:09:15 hh:mm:ss