Saturday, February 12, 2011

Six Full Moons

So, think about what you see when you look up into the sky and see a full moon. Now, think about an object in the sky that spans the size of six full moons. Well, that is just a fantasy, right? Something that big would dominte the sky. Now imigine your eyes could collect all the light that falls on them for a period of thirty minutes as if it were just an instant. And there in the sky around the constellation leo you would see this:

Here is the link to the main APOD page "" and here is a link to the image above "".

And if you could transport yourself backward in time and imagine fixing your gaze at this part of the sky while time flew forward compressing the past 40,000 years of time in just a few minutes you would see first a brilliant star, probably outshining all the other stars in the sky which would then dim, with the remnants boiling and expanding into the picture you see above.