Thursday, July 07, 2011

Bike Rides At The Beach

The beach cottage this year is around mile 14.5 on NC58 as you drive toward the west end of Emerald Isle.

TUE 05 JUL 2011 - A nice ride. The wind was pretty strong so the stretch from Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle was slow. Here are the stats:

01:26 hh:mm (time)
25.29 km    (distance)
17.50 kph   (average)
40.40 kph   (maximum)

THU 07 JUL 2011 - Another nice ride. The wind was negligible. I felt stronger today than day before yesterday and arrived at the cottage just a few minutes before the end of today's stage in the Tour de France.

01:15.5 hh:mm (time)
25.03   km    (distance)
19.90   kph   (average)
42.00   kph   (maximum)

A NUMBER OF DAYS - Every day that I could I did get up around sunrise and walk down to Conch Point.  

Conch Point is very close to the northern end of 6th street. The city has cleaned it up and added a pier that extends out into Calico Bay.  At the end of the pier are two ramps to floating docks.  Small boats can tie up there.  And kayaks and canoes can be launched just beside the pier.   

The place is usually deserted at sunrise and I can stand on the end of the floating dock and practice my 'Tai Chi for Arthritis' form.  I purchased a music CD-ROM that is grand to listen to while I do the form. 

Here is a video of the first few minutes of sunrise on the 11th of July.

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