Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dancing Up The Sun And Riding Down The Wind

This morning at the cottage I was up in time to get out and do my Tai Chi form down on the beach.  It was a beautiful morning.  The wind was a little strong from the east and the moon was full.


From Random Graphic Images
This is the view looking toward the ESE.

From Random Graphic Images
Here is the view down the beach toward the WSW and the full moon.

From Random Graphic Images
Here is a look toward the east just after I completed my form (and the sun is just behind that cottage).


Got all my togs together and took off up the island toward Fort Macon State Park 16 miles away.  The wind was pretty strong and I only averaged 17.9 kph on the way to the park, while I averaged 20.4 kph for the entire ride so the turn around was four kph. Here are the details.

02:36 .... hh:mm (time)
52.99 .... km (distance)
20.40 .... kph (average)
31.30 .... kph (max)

I met a guy at the Fort Macon shelter that overlooks the channel and he may decide to do the MS150 this year.  He is a triathlete. I'm ok with the swim and the cycle but my knees do not run.

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