Sunday, October 07, 2012

Leap Frog Technology

When I read the story I realize that this this is wonderful concept. If it can be produced for less than 30USD per instance it will help revolutionize the global society.

This represents something called 'leap-frog-technology'.  This occurs when a country can adopt a technology without going through all the steps that lead up to that technology.

A good example is cell-phones.  Many countries that did NOT have a telephony infrastructure and went straight to cell-phone technology bypassing telephone poles and wires altogether.

The technology described in the article promises to leap-frog the power-grid infrastructure. 

Leap-frogging the power-grid combined with the telephony leap-frog (to wireless-telephony) promises to bring 'The-NET' to every corner of the globe. 

The resulting increase in literacy and education level will indeed help humanity to boot-strap itself into the 21st century.

A good thing.

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